Retro Nude Girls Wig

A good friend of mine is a fashion fanatic. She simply cannot get enough of the retro nude girls. Every woman that she knows owns at least one in Vintage or Nude colors. When I asked her why, she said it was because they represented vintage style at its best. I could not agree more… Continue reading Retro Nude Girls Wig

Mature Nude Tubes – Finding Friends and Dating Online

There are a lot of tube sites that offer mature Nude Tubes but only few that are actually good. Some of the tube sites are more of pure porno movies which feature some of the most bizarre and adult movies you will ever see. Some even have extremely inappropriate content in them, such as mature… Continue reading Mature Nude Tubes – Finding Friends and Dating Online

Popular Vintage Nude Teens Posters

Some of the most classic and sexy images of the 1960s feature models with perfectly shaped bodies, smooth skin, and vintage nude lips. This image represented women’s desire to be desirable, both to themselves and others. Even today, vintage nude posters are still popular and many vintage artists still create these works of art. These… Continue reading Popular Vintage Nude Teens Posters

Vintage Nudist Fashion

There is a great resurgence of vintage nudists today, with the concept spreading across America and Europe. Clothing is a main element, as this is what identifies a vintage nudist. The most distinctive element of their clothing however, is the “nipple patch”. This is simply a strip of cloth sewn in on to the front… Continue reading Vintage Nudist Fashion