The Nightly Show – Volumes 1 & 2

Vintage nudist movies and softcore movies in general have become wildly popular in recent years. Young nudes and vintage images of naked ladies have long been a staple of erotic fiction. In fact, there was a very famous book I read as a teenager that was about nudes and erotica.

But even though I was only a teen when the software movement started, the subject of vintage lingerie and stockings voluptuousness was always fascinating to me. My friend and I would discuss this at length. She was more interested in the historical significance than anything else. I preferred vintage clothing and stockings. And I do mean clothing and stockings.

One day she asked me about a movie called “Swinging Doors”. The movie was about two teenage girls that lived in an older apartment block. They were friends and when one of them was an eighteen-year-old and had recently lost her younger brother, she made plans to go on a boating trip with her friends. Her mother insisted on accompanying her, but Sarah decided she would enjoy the trip on her own.

One night while they were on their way, Sarah and her friends decided to stop off at a store called “Old Town Emporium”. There was a huge sale going on that weekend, and Sarah decided she’d like to buy something. While she was examining the various lingerie, she spotted a softcore porno she had never seen before. It featured an older woman, a teenager, and a man. She recognized the woman from the “Swinging Doors” scene four years ago.

So Sarah went home and downloaded the file. She loved the way it made her feel about herself. Within two minutes of watching it, Sarah felt as though she had experienced sexual enhancement since her teen years. The feeling of excitement and desire that spread throughout her body became more powerful than she had ever felt before, and she had to get up and move to get a better view of the vintage kissing HD movies that were on offer.

Sarah found she had several choices. There was software, which was a lot less explicit than the software of today, and there was hardcore. The ads promoted hard core, but the software versions rarely offered such good images. As expected, the ads for these DVDs had some amazing photography and some really creative scenes. There were two types of women shown in these softcore DVDs. Young girls looking for a taste of what young girls had in the past, and mature women looking back on their pasts with their lovers.

There were many beautiful women shown on these DVD’s. Sarah bought one called Bridget Jones, an exotic blonde who looked barely eighteen. Bridget was cut with a very small diamond in a bikini area. Her perfume was a memorable one, and her hair was a big hunk cut. Her skin was pale, and her eyes sparkled under heavy makeup. There was no doubt about it, Bridget Jones was a very sexy softcore DVD star.

Scene 3 was another incredible softcore DVD featuring blonde beauty Karen Carpenter from the 50s. Karen was wearing a short mini skirt and wore white stockings that were truly high heeled. She also sported several pairs of high heels and had blonde hair like the models in the softcore movies of the 60s. This DVD was perfect for someone looking for some solid young adult DVD material, and a real Marilyn Monroe/Karen Carpenter romantic setting.

scene 3 was the most erotic of them all. This was the scene on the DVD where Karen Carpenter gets tied to the bed with an apron. The apron is very uncomfortable, as the material is stiff, and the material sticks to her body. The blood gushing looks real enough, but nothing looks as good as when the blood spurts out of her vagina. This is one of the sexiest scenes in the softcore series, and scenes 3 sets the bar high for what will follow.

This is the scene that changed the way I viewed young girl/girl hardcore. I admit that I was not watching this DVD with the intentions of trying to seduce my girlfriend… I just wanted to see how the video would play when the two of them were in bed. Anyway, after she came over and started watching, I noticed that there was something about Sarah Young doing the moves that made me think “wow, that girl has some power”. It didn’t take long before I got to thinking about my life, and how I could do some things that would make her life better. That is how Sarah Young became one of my favorite women in the world of adult entertainment.

In summary: watch The Nightly Show with your significant other, because you won’t be able to sleep if you don’t. After that, order up some magazines, like Penthouse, to keep the excitement going. Join a vintage nudist party, and to invite some of your friends over for a night of fun. Don’t forget the apron! Good luck, honey… wear-tweed!

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