Turning Your Baby Nude Photos Into the Next Big Thing!

So, you have an eye for beautiful people and softcore materialism, what do you do with your photography career? Become a vintage photographer? Or perhaps you are inspired by the software scene in adult magazines and wish to document it as best you can. Either way, I would like to offer you a few tips on how to shoot a softcore photo shoot featuring models that are vintage in appearance.

The first thing we need to address is clothing. One of the defining characteristics of the vintage style is that of wearing very little clothing. Often, models would be photographed reclined on the couch or in a rocking chair, sporting the classic, vintage tennis bracelet, or vintage silk sling back. In this instance, you would want to keep the model’s legs bare; however, if they are wearing any other clothing, such as stocking caps or sheer stockings, remove them. Even if they are wearing undergarments, such as thongs or garter belts, remove these as well.

The next issue that you will need to take into consideration, is taking a photograph that has a slightly older appearance. Many photographers tend to get a bit lazy about this and take photographs that are simply taken from the waist up, regardless of whether or not the subject is wearing anything else at all. The result is photos that look like they were taken at a party for junior high. Focus on the shoulders and upper body, especially if the subject is a young girl or an older woman. Take note of her skin tone as well; your model will likely be wearing a lighter skin than she was in her younger years, which will show up in her model photos.

Model your subject as if she were wearing something that was vintage only on the neckline… That’s right, no corsets. This might sound controversial, but it really is easy to accomplish. Simply remove any bra or brassiere you have, including any baby dolls, and focus on the underside of the neckline. That’s right…no corsets.

Show her curves, but don’t make her too softcore. Instead, use the softest cloths, including sheer baby doll lingerie. Focus on her hips, but leave out her buttocks. This scene has the perfect example of this. Use the material on display in softcore fashion magazines and old movies to achieve the look portrayed in scene 3.

Show her curves while also emphasizing her buttocks in softcore 582 50s styles. This scene is a little different than the one discussed in previous scenes. In this one, there are no cleavage to focus on, but rather, the focus is more on her hip area. Show off her legs in black lace-up thongs, or show off her butt in boy short underwear in scene 3.

She’s wearing low cut pencil dresses that come in white, purple and black. These will be your only two choices for panties. Go with the white one on the bottom in scene 2. Her dress was a black one, but it was revealed in the close up shots that it was a pale lavender color. You can highlight this in your photography by playing with the lighting.

Finally, insert some red into your photos. Red makes everything vibrates. Make your subject feel sexy and attractive by applying it to her body and her face in every scene. This includes her hair and her dress. Play around with color to give each photo a unique look.

A great way to create your vintage images is to remember back when you were young and nude. What would you do with models then? Be sure you keep that image of your subject in your head. Use this image to inspire your photographs even if you are shooting for an old fashion style.

You may not think of vintage Baby Dolls as sexy, but they can be! There are lots of cute girls out there who would love to get photographed holding the iconic babydoll. The cuteness factor cannot be ignored. These vintage nude women of style, glamour and brains. Why not use them in your own photos?

Have fun trying out different types of portraits using the vintage style. Your vintage images could be the next big thing! They have the potential to go viral. You may have to spend a little time promoting your site, but once your vintage girls are popular, you will make lots of money! Who knows, you might even get to meet some of the famous vintage ladies.

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